~ Thursday, October 9 ~

Card Making, Part 1

This past month, I broke out my scrapbook paper and stickers in order to make birthday/various cards for family and friends (see below). It was so much fun that my beautiful friend, Ashley, and I did a card-making session as one of her birthday activities! I hope to make more cards for Christmas gifting. Have a great day, dearies!


Birthday trifold 1, front.


Birthday trifold 1, back.


Birthday trifold 2, front.

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~ Wednesday, August 27 ~

Craft & Doodle Extravaganza!



Even though I made both of these For The Makers (FTM) collections last year, I haven’t put them on the blog until now. FTM sends you a monthly kit of four DIY projects, instructions and materials included. Due to monetary concerns, I only did this for a few months, but it was an enjoyable experience and I turned some of the projects into gifts!


Drawing floor plans has long been one of my favorite pastimes. My brother and I use to do a similar thing with Legos on those green building plates. Here is a recent one of my dream A-frame house. I have another floor plan in the works, as we speak.


A recent drawing as a gift for a lovely friend’s (lovely) wedding. 


Another recent drawing to welcome a dear friend’s new baby. 


A love notes’ dry erase board for Hubby and me. Made from a regular picture frame and crocheted flowers done by Grace’s mama (see above).

Have an encouraging week, friends!

- Abigail

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~ Sunday, May 18 ~

Doodles from the last few months…

Have a fun week, dear ones!

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~ Thursday, May 1 ~


The thundercloud splits

to spread its voice

and tears of relief

more efficiently across the countryside.

Years of school tinge the springs that lack it -

excitement at finishing and having time

to read or bike,

to walk or play softball,

to think or do nothing

if that is the choice.

Cool rains heat slowly,

steam rises,

and we wonder why we ever wished for summer days

when standing in snow-weighted boots.

This, the last summer here for a time,

reminds me that wherever I am in the world,

it won’t be that different really.

Spring will feel the same

even if I’m where it comes earlier

and lasts longer.

I won’t forget stepping outside after each last day of school,

the possibilities stretched before,

rushing to the sky

and splitting thunderheads.

By Abigail Lueders | May 1, 2014

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~ Monday, April 21 ~
Guineas make work more fun! #latergram

Guineas make work more fun! #latergram

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~ Wednesday, April 2 ~
Turtle face at University of Maryland. Go Terrapins! #abegoestocollege

Turtle face at University of Maryland. Go Terrapins! #abegoestocollege

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~ Tuesday, April 1 ~
So Ann Arbor is pretty neat. Go Wolverines! #latergram #abegoestocollege

So Ann Arbor is pretty neat. Go Wolverines! #latergram #abegoestocollege

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~ Sunday, February 16 ~

January 2014 Home Improvements

It’s been a few months, but I plan to continue the home updates into 2014. For starters, our goal is to eventually have furniture that looks like it goes together. To that end, my husband ordered us a new desk and matching chairs.

This gives us room to work on our computers at the same time. I added a gallery wall above the desk as a way to organize the photos and art we’ve collected. It’s more difficult to hang frames in our other rooms because of concrete walls, so most of them end up here.

I have also updated our TV stand by adding new handles and covering the glass panels with scrapbook paper. This makes it look less busy when the doors are closed. I hid all the cords in a basket under the TV stand for a cleaner appearance.

In December, I completed these Pinterest-inspired ornament projects for fun and also to preserve memories.

This ornament contains one of our wedding programs cut up into strips.

This ornament contains one of our wedding invitations.

This ornament contains my college graduation tassel.

This ornament contains my high school graduation tassel. I’ll have more crafts to show next month! Keep making your world beautiful, friends! Happy February!

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~ Friday, February 14 ~
Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! We are thankful for you and wish you the best year yet! Love, the Lueders *HUGS*

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! We are thankful for you and wish you the best year yet! Love, the Lueders *HUGS*

~ Monday, January 13 ~

I have no moment of peace

in this frail mind of mine.

Every whim,

every hurt,

every selfish plea

stumble by each other

like sleepwalking men on a moving bus.

I don’t deserve these gifts.

I know this even as I call out for more,

more to call my own.

Most of what I have is not for keeps.

I am entrusted with it.

I am borrowing it.

These gifts are another’s,

and still I don’t take care of them.




is how I fall short of the call

placed upon my life.

How can I take care of those around me

when my own heart is full of holes,

rotten and tired?

What good I do is not by my own effort.

It is grace,



flowing out over this groaning world.

If some should touch me

and be transferred to others,

if some should transform me

so I don’t always live out foolishly,

it would be far better

than my quavering, awkward speech and hand.

I have no moment of peace, save this,

like a inebriated man being carried home

by an always sober friend.

By Abigail Lueders | January 13, 2013

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